Sea of Green

Winner of the 2009 Uprising National Playwriting Competition

“But I’m not twenty-seven anymore.
I’m not any age at all.
I’m just a name you clutch to a cause,
set free by an errant bullet from this most humble of hosts.
But I am so much more than this name.
I am so much more than this day.”

A hot summer day in the city. Election day. As the polls close and ballots are counted, people everywhere are jubilant over the expected defeat of the incumbent President. But when the results come back overwhelmingly (and suspiciously) in the President’s favor, the people’s hopes turn quickly to despair… and then to public outrage. Violent riots wrack the city, and as police and protesters clash in the streets and heroes and martyrs emerge, the people must struggle against an oppressive regime to have their voices heard… and to survive.

Based on the 2009 Iranian Election protests and written almost entirely in poetic verse, Sea of Green chronicles the rise and fall of a revolution as perceived by a wide cross-section of society; bakers and shopkeeps, foreign journalists, militiamen and mothers. Despite it’s real-world inspirations, the play is not set in any one specific country, nor is it a history; it could happen anywhere.

“A stirring tale of what happens to people when politics actually mean something.”
— David Berry, Vue Weekly

10MF, 80 Mins


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