A new dark comedy by Andy Garland.

HONOURABLE MENTION – 2015 British Columbia Playwriting Competition

“The only way you succeed, Anthony, is because a lot of other people fail.
And when a few people fail, that’s alright. No big deal.
But to prop you up, kiddo, you wouldn’t believe
 how many people had to lose.”

3M, 2F – 50 Minutes

San Juan. Last night.

As the government raids the offices of a “Health and Wellness” company accused of being a pyramid scheme, three of their top recruiters converge in an upscale hotel room. Faced with an oncoming hurricane of bad press and falling fortunes, a critical decision must be reached; either they honour their loyalties and stay on with a sinking ship, let go of their lucrative careers and attempt a normal life, or make the leap to the next “multi-level marketing opportunity” to repeat the cycle again. As accusations fly and the minibar is emptied of all liquor, their nigh-impenetrable mindset of positive thinking is set to collide with brutal reality… and no-one will walk away unscathed.

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